League Rules 2024

On the Weekly Competition:
* Winners will be cut 4 Playing Handicap –
* Non prize winners will get 1 shot back.

* Cuts will be off the Playing Handicap

* Team Competitions

  • If there is no golf on either Saturday or Sunday there will be no team competition

    but the singles will carry on for that week

* If there is no golf on both Saturday & Sunday Friday’s will carry to the next week.
* Entry ½ Card  __ Re-entry ½ Card – – – 
* Last weekend of competition: Priority will always be given to the Non Prize-Winners
with a Prize-Winners’ class even without funding. Non Prize Winners must have played 4

*The Correct Playing Handicap Must be on the Card otherwise Disqualification. – Note players should refer to the sheet which Seamus will post on the board. 

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