Vice Captains 2023 Brian Conlon Result

WinnerMichael Connolly1743 pts
SecondStephen Nevin2041 ptsBack 9
ThirdOdran Flynn2941 ptsBack 9
GrossRobbie Reilly371
Class 1 (up to 17)
FirstPaul Connolly1241 pts
SecondGer Nevin1036 ptsBack 6
Class 2 ( 18-23)
FirstEamonn Howlin1938 pts
SecondTony O'Grady2137 pts
Class 3 (24+)
FirstWilliam Lacey2539 pts
SecondJames Brady2438 ptsBack 9
60 Played
PositionGOY PointsH/CScoreGOY Pts.
1Michael Connolly1743 pts10 pts
2Stephen Nevin2041 pts9 pts
3Odran Flynn2941 pts8 pts
4Paul Connolly1241 pts7 pts
5William Lacey2539 pts6 pts
6James Brady2438 pts5 pts
7Eamonn Howlin1938 pts4 pts
8John Slevin2337 pts3 pts
9Robbie Reilly337 pts2 pts
10Tony O'Grady2137 pts1 pt.
Two'sJim Craughwell7th Hole
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