Presidents (Aidan Donovan) Prize 2023 Results & Rules

ResultPresidents 18 Hole (s'ford) NameHcpPtsNotes
Results may differ from Smartgolf due to eligibility and past presidents prizes
WinnerJoseph Higgins2635 ptsBack 6
SecondPaul Connolly1135 ptsBack 9
ThirdMatt Costello1635 pts
GrossNiall Collins677
Past PresidentsDaire O'Broin2133 pts
Class 1Class 1 (handicap indexes up to 16.7)
WinnerGer Nevin1034 ptsBack 9
Runner UpNiall Bryan1034 ptsBack 9
Class 2Class 2 (handicap indexes from 16.8 to 24.4)
WinnerJohn Crofton1934 pts
Runner UpMichael Kelleher1733 ptsBack 6
Class 3Class 3 (handicap indexes from 24.5 upwards)
WinnerMark Beatty3034 ptsBack 9
Runner UpDenis J Kelly2833 pts
Eligibilty rules* To win, be 2nd, 3rd, or gross a player must have returned at least 6 18- hole qualifying competition cards.
*new member is not eligible to win, be 2nd or 3rd in his first 12 months.
53 played
1Joseph Higgins35 pts (26)10
2Paul Connolly35 pts (11)9
3Matt Costello35 pts (16)8
4Mark Beatty34 pts (30)7
5Ger Nevin34 pts (10)6
6Niall Bryan34 pts (10)5
7John Crofton34 pts (19)4
8Padraic Rooney33 pts (12)3
9Brian Conlon33 pts (12)2
10Niall Collins33 pts (6)1
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