Matchplay rules 2024

Matchplay rules 2024

Shots given/received are based on the current course handicap at the time of the match. Ability to see how many shots via matchplay panels in smartgolf. See below for guide.

100% Difference is applicable.   e.g if player A course handicap is 10 and Player B is 18 – then the difference is 18-10 = 8 shots received on hole index 1-8.

Players to post the result online after the match so system will automatically feed result in to the next round. Cards do not need to be returned for the match. If members are unable to update online they need to pass on results to committee members for posting. See below for guide.

If a match is tied after 9/18 holes – The player return to hole 1 and continues on sudden death – shots received remain the same so if the person had a shot on the first hole they would again have a shot on hole 10/19.

The end date for rounds is not a goal! – Please ensure is completed in advance as much as possible. Extension will only be given for exceptional circumstances such as weather events/course issues so leavign until last minute and comsething coming up to prevent play is not an excuse. Is same for everyone. 

Competition committee thank you for your understanding.


Below links useful for Comps:

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Video – Matchplay rules

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Using the shot calculator in smartgolf – sample  from 2023

Find your match in the results section for matchplay – expand the section to see your match OR open the dashboard and your match should be visible under the Matchplay section.



Under MAIN MARKER pick the appropriate course for 18H or Front 9 for 9H – Click Calculate

Above shows I give 6 shots to JP on hole indexes 1-6 for the in the case of half a card would be holes index, 1,3,5,7,9,11



Similar to above except instead of Calculator you pick Post Result


Update screen with person who one from drop down click update match

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