Clane Golf Club Social Media Policy 2024

Clane Golf Club Social Media Policy.

1.Purpose of Policy.
This policy sets out our position on social media must be read in conjunction with other policies. Particular attention is drawn to the bullying and harassment, computer and internet access, e-mail usage, data protection, communications and confidentiality policies, all of which are applicable to social media usage.

2. Scope of Policy
This policy on social media applies to all those engaged within the Club including the Staff, Committee, Committee members, Volunteers and any third parties we engage with. Social media is the collective term referring to social and professional networking sites (for example Facebook, LinkedIn), microblogs (such as Twitter),  blogs, wikis, Committees and other similar online.mediums This policy extends to all such sites and incorporates any future developments of such media. Breaches of this policy will be investigated and we retain the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. This policy extends to future developments in internet capability and social media usage.

3. Policy
All IT resources are the Clubs property. IT resources are dedicated to achieving our business and sporting objectives. Inappropriate use is not acceptable and excessive activity is not permitted.

3.1 Personal Use
Personal use must not interfere with the Clubs commitments.
A limited amount of personal use of the internet and social media is permitted on our equipment, provided the following rules are observed:
– Personal use must comply with the requirements and general principles of this policy and all other internet, computer, security and data protection policies.
– Unless expressly permitted in writing for your role, you must not use our name, logos, images or comment on our customers, clients or business.
– You must not access other people’s accounts on such sites.

3.2 General Principles Regarding Usage
You must adhere to the following when engaging in social media.

– Be aware of your relationship with the Club when using online social networks. You must always identify yourself and your role if you mention or comment on the Club. Ensure your profile and related content is consistent with how you would present yourself with colleagues and clients.

– You must state clearly that any views expressed are your own and not those of the Club. Wherever practical, you must use a disclaimer saying that while you are involved with the Club, anything you publish is your personal opinion, and not necessarily the opinions of the Club.

– You are personally responsible for what you post or publish on social media sites. Where it is found that any information breaches any policy, such as breaching confidentiality or bringing the Club into disrepute, we reserve the right to take disciplinary action against you.

– Be aware of data protection rules – you must not post someone’s details or pictures without their individual permission. Photographs of our events should not be posted online unless you have specific permission as part of your role todo so. Please see our Data Protection Policy for further guidance .

– Material in which the Club has a proprietary interest – such as software, products, documentation or other internal information – must not be transmitted, sold or otherwise divulged, unless we have already released the
information into the public domain. Any departure from this policy requires the prior written authorisation.

– Recommendations, references or comments relating to professional attributes, are not permitted to be made about members, officers, stakeholders or employees on social media and networking sites.
– Once in the public domain, content cannot be retracted. Therefore always take time to review your content in an objective manner before uploading. If in doubt, ask someone to review it for you. Think through the consequences of what you say and what could happen if one of your colleagues had to defend your comments to anyone

– If you make a mistake, be the first to point it out and correct it quickly. You may factually point out misrepresentations, but do not create an argument.
– It is very important that you immediately report any inappropriate activity or behaviour regarding the Club, or third parties particularly where minors (U18) are concerned. All allegations made in good faith will be fully and confidentially investigated. You are required to cooperate with all investigations of alleged policy violations.

– Always remember on-line content is never completely private.

– Regularly review your privacy settings on social media platforms to ensure they provide you with sufficient personal protection and limit access by others.
– We reserve the right to utilise for disciplinary purposes any information that could have a negative effect on the Club which we comes across in internet monitoring, or is brought to our attention by stakeholders, or members of the public, etc.

– All members are prohibited from using or publishing information on any social media sites, where such use has the potential to negatively affect the Club.

Examples of such behaviour include, but are not limited to:
o Publishing material that is defamatory, abusive or offensive in relation to any, office holder, member, employee or stakeholders

o Publishing any confidential or business-sensitive information

o Publishing material that might reasonably be expected to have the effect of damaging our reputation or professional standing.

o Publishing untrue statements about the Club.

Non-compliance with the general principles and conditions of this social media policy and the related internet, e-mail, communications and confidentiality policies may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including removal from Club roles and membership. This policy is not exhaustive. In situations that are not expressly governed by this policy, you must ensure that your use of social media and the internet is at all times appropriate and consistent with your responsibilities towards the Club. Monitoring of internet usage applies to personal use as well as normal business use.

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