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Rules under Entry for General Play Starting on 26th April onwards


1 – It is suggested that all 3 handicaps should be entered: Handicap Index, Course Handicap & Playing Handicap, But what you Must Have is: a Course Handicap – otherwise Disqualification.

2 – The Course Handicap is high-lighted on the Notice Board.

3 – The Date must be entered both on the General Play Sheet & Your Golf card.

4 – All cards 9-hole will be entered into the computer to determine the Playing Conditions Calculations (PCC).

5- Name must be on the Covid 19 Sheet before arriving there & if you’re playing the General Play – on that Sheet on the day of Play.

6 – There are no Prizes – It is Not a competition it’s General Play – Must still be played by the Rules of Golf.

7- It is optional if you wish to return a card for handicap purposes, and you do not need to return a card if not. 



Thank you to the 13 Volunteers that assisted on Thursday 9th April on the second day of the course tidy-up. A lot has been accomplished over the two days by mainly the same volunteers. It would be nice if more members could volunteer their services in the future. Thanks also to Captain Liz , Brig & Sandra for helping on the day.


8th April 2021

Under the protocol, Competitions are not permitted for the present. We can only play in two balls (except if the golfers are from the same household).

Play will also be restricted to 9 holes being played at any one time.

Timesheets will be posted on the Noticeboard tomorrow(9/04/21) for 7 days of week- commencing 26th April. Please help us for planning tee times by:

Entering your name on the timesheet in advance of playing. Park your car correctly so that the maximum number of cars can be accommodated in the car park.  This will enable times to be booked for any day during the week.

It is important that social distancing is maintained at all times. Also, use the hand sanitizer provided.


Purchase of ” Lake ” golf balls. I have been contacted by a small business in Limerick that specializes in selling all brands of golf balls, the owner is Fergus Chawke.

I purchased 36 Srixon balls from him, which cost €40 including delivery & they are excellent, like new. 

If you check their website   you can see the full range of golf balls available & Fergus is offering a discount of 10% if you use the discount code of “Clane GC” when ordering.

It is an Irish-owned company & worthy of your support if purchasing golf balls. Give them a try!



Return to Golf Protocol REPUBLIC OF IRELAND 26th April 2021

 Golf Clubs can reopen from Monday 26th April for members only; Golfers must only travel from within their county or within 20km of their home to play golf. Further guidance for golfers and golf clubs is contained in the General Guidance document below.

  • In the initial phase, the Irish Government have decided that participants in sport and exercise activity must be from no more than two households. Therefore, groups playing on golf courses during this initial phase must be confined to a maximum of two households. This means that all tee times must be either two-balls, or alternatively three-balls and four-balls where players in the group are from no more than two households. Return to Golf Protocol REPUBLIC OF IRELAND Continued

> • Daily timesheets are restricted as follows: • Two-balls at eight-minute intervals or longer

  • Three-balls from no more than two households at nine-minute intervals or longer
  • Four-balls from no more than two households at 10-minute intervals or longer
  • To give clubs as much scope to accommodate golfers within these requirements, golf clubs will not be required to confine themselves to one standardised starting interval each day (for example, should a club decide to organise most of its tee times in eight-minute intervals for two-balls, they may choose to include a block of 10-minute interval times for three-balls and four-balls where the golfers are from no more than two households). • Tee times must be booked in advance online or over the telephone. Clubs must ensure that names are recorded on timesheets and timesheets must be kept for a period of at least six weeks to assist with contact tracing should the need arise.




      • Result of AGM Voting: A total of 66 members registered their votes. Details are posted below:
    • 2021             CLANE G.C. AGM VOTING SUMMARY            
      Item no. Report Proposer Seconder   For Against Abstain
      1 Outgoing Captain’s Report D.F.Coonan Brian Conlon   62 1 3
      2 Minutes of the last AGM 2019 Mick Kelleher Jim Craughwell   62   4
      3 Hon Secretary’s Report Ted Murray Aidan Donovan   62   4
      4 Hon. Treasurer’s Finances for year ending31/10 Felix McKenna John Crofton   62   4
      5 Auditors’ Report Lar Blanchfield Jim Mahony   62   4
      6 Modified Proposal from Outgoing Committee James Malone William Lacey   54 12  
        Reduction on once-only basis as outlined.            
      8 Incoming Captain’s Address & V.Captain’s Report  Tom Bryan Ger Nevin   64   2
      9 Election of Club Officers and Committee. Tommy Carew Sean Brilly   64 1 1
      10 Election of Auditors. Sean Byrne Sean McCann   64   2
      11 Competitions Report Maurice Byrne John McAndrew   64   2
    • Annual subscription for Clane Golf Club for 2021 
    • *         First-year new full membership €360 (no club vouchers).
      • Renewal full membership €350 includes (2 x €30 club vouchers).
      • Senior membership €255 includes (2 x €30 club vouchers).
      • Super Senior (80+ age) €170 (no club vouchers).
      • Juvenile membership (up to 16 years of age) €70 (no club vouchers).
      • Junior membership (16 years plus & in full-time education. €85 (no club vouchers).

      N.B. These apply for this year, 2021, only.


      2021 Incoming Officers & Committee:

      President (2nd year):                  Jim Craughwell.

      Captain:                                           Daire O’Broin.

      Vice- Captain:                                 Padraic Rooney.

      Ex-Officio:                                        James Malone.

      Treasurer:                                        Fintan Connolly.

      Competitions/ H-Cap Secretary: Seamus Carew.

      Secretary:                                         Eamonn Howlin

      Committee:    Maurice Byrne/ Brian Conlon/ John Crofton/

                                Michael Cuddihy/ Sean Lavin/ Felix McKenna/     

                             Martin Meaney                           


      • Those members who have not yet returned their completed the Permit application  for Clongowes Authorities, are asked to return this as soon as possible but not later than 14th February. Thank you for your cooperation!
      • We wish all of our members and their families, a safe and a healthy 2021!




* Congratulations to Liam McGovern, winner of the 2020 Captain’s (Mr. James Malone) with a splendid 36  hole score of 132  strokes, net. For full results, see the Weekend Results under the Fixtures tab.

  • A very hearty congratulations & thanks to our Captain James & his family for their hard work over the two days. With the problems created by Covid 19, it was a tribute to him that the competition & prize presentation went so well. Photos from the event are posted under Gallery tab & of course on our Facebook page.

    *      Details of the rescheduled competitions for August to September, inclusive, can be found under the Events Page in the  Fixtures tab.


  • Please ensure that you park your car correctly in the car park, as the controlling factor, is the number of cars that can be accommodated.

Careless parking restricts the number of cars, so please be considerate to fellow golfers.


  • There is a What’sAp group set up for the golf club. This is useful for keeping up to date with news. If you would like to join, please contact Ex-Officio, James Malone.
  • Covid 19- Please read below.


 * See the Aerial video of our course now available under “Gallery”.

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