Weekend Results

 18 Hole Stableford Competition ,w/e 23rd March




Top tenPoints

2 best 8 Hole Stableford Competition -18 Dec- 4th Jan.


FirstTed Murray2141 PtsLast 8
SecondTommy Carew1041 pts
Total played39

18  Hole  Stableford  21st/22nd October

FirstGer Nevin1038 pts.
SecondJohn Carew1136 pts.
GrossSeamus Carew778last 9
14 playedSat.68 (36 pts)RO -abandonedSun.68 (36 pts)
Top tenPoints
1stGer Nevin1038 pts10
2ndJohn Carew1136 pts9
3rdSeamus Carew733 pts8
4thJim Craughwell1933 pts7
5thBrian Conlon932 pts6
6thRobbie Reilly531 pts5
7thJoseph Higgins2229 pts4
8thSamuel Reilly1327 pts3
9thMichael Cuddihy1027 pts2
10thTom Bryan2226 pts1

18  Hole  Stableford  6/7th October

FirstLar Blanchfield1738 pts
SecondEamonn Howlin1537 pts
GrossRobbie Reilly676
Fri. CSS 36 ptsSat. CSS 38pts.
Two's Comp.(7)Robbie Reilly & Sam Reilly
Top tenPoints
1stLar Blanchfield1738 pts10
2ndEamonn Howlin1537 pts9
3rdSam Reilly1336 pts8
4thBrian Conlon936 pts7
5thAidan Donovan935 pts6
6thJoseph Higgins2235 pts5
7thMaurice Byrne1634 pts4
8thFintan Connolly1334 pts3
9thAnthony Dunne1833 pts2
10thRobbie Reilly533 pts1

18  Hole  Stableford  24/25th September

WinnerFintan Connolly1540 pts.
SecondTony McGiff1738 pts
GrossRobbie Reilly674
33 played
H/Cap reductions only

18  Hole  Home Outing Stableford  1st October

FirstRobbie Reilly640 pts
SecondGer Nevin1037 ptslast 9
ThirdBrian Conlon937 pts
FourthPat McDonnell1335 pts
FifthFintan Connolly1534 ptsLast 9
SixthMichael Connolly1534 ptslast 6
Two's Comp. Martin Meaney
35 Played CSS 36 pts.

18 Hole Scramble Golf Classic for Alzheimer Society


NameNet ScoreComment
FirstRobbie Reilly (6), Sam Reilly (13), Fergus Burke (20), Brian Connolly (20)54.1
SecondBrian McMahon (20), Mark Lawrence (6), Jack Guerin (20), Darragh McMahon (17)- 6.3 shots56.7
ThirdNiall Collins (8), Stephen Collins (4), Paul Connolly (9)- 2.1 shots57.9
FourthSean Byrne (15),Michael Connolly (16), Matthew Critchley (11), Michael Kelleher (17)- 5.9 shots59.1
FifthEnda Sullivan (24), Martin Walsh (15), Eamonn Ward (18), Sean Garrigle (11)- 6.8 shots59.2last 6
FirstMargaret Mahony (22), Helena Earley (30), Ann Marie O'Brien (22), Caroline Coyle (30)- 10.4 shots68.6
SecondRosaleen Duff (28), Kathleen Maguire (17), Brig Cuddihy (21), Nellie Travers (30)- 9.6 shots73.4
ThirdMoira Daly (30),Catherine Nolan (21), Carmel O'Leary (22), Una O'Drona (22)- 9.5 shots73.5
Longest Drive, gents:Paul Kelly
Longest Drive, ladies:Chloe Rickard
Thanks to all that supported the Classic for this very worthy cause!



18  Hole  V Par  16/17th September

WinnerJohn Carew122 up
SecondRobbie Reilly61 up
GrossRobbie Reilly673
Twos Competition (7)
Robbie Reilly
22 playedCSS sUN,1 Up (67)
Top tenNameScore
1John Carew2 up
2Robbie Reilly1 up
3Diarmuid Coonan1 up
4Seamus Carew1 down
5Fintan Connolly1 down
6Martin Meaney2 down
7Michael Cuddihy2 down
8Anthony McGiff2 down
9Tommy Carew3 down
10Joe Higgins3 down

Outing to Newbridgs G.C. 16th September

18  Hole Stableford  

WinnerPaul Morrissey1737 pts
SecondRobbie Reilly636 ptslast 9
ThirdFintan Connolly1536 pts
GrossJames Coonan682
Class 11stMichael Cuddihy1034 pts
(-13)2ndSam Reilly1332 pts
Class 21stLar Blanchfield1730 pts
(14 to 17)2ndDiarmuid Coonan1429 pts
Class 31stDaire O'Broin2131 pts
(18+)2ndTom Bryan2230 pts
Two's ClubDermot MaguireDaire O'Broin
27 PlayedNo CSS
Top ten
1Paul Morrissey1737 pts
2Robbie Reilly636 pts
3Fintan Connolly1536 pts
4James Coonan634 pts
5Michael Cuddihy1034 pts
6Sam Reilly1332 pts
7Dermot Maguire1331 pts
8Seamus Carew731 pts
9Daire O'Broin2131 pts
10Lar Blanchfield1730 pts

18 Hole Weekend Competition Frid 25th & Saturday 26th August

18 Hole Stableford

FirstDeclan Mahony2042 pts
SecondFintan Connolly1540 pts.
GrossJames Coonan675
Frid. 37 pts.(67), Sat. 39 pts.(65)36 played
Twos Competition no winner

18 Hole Weekend Competition Frid 18th & Sunday 20th August

18 Hole Stableford

FirstDeclan Mahony2041 pts.
SecondSam Reilly1340 pts.last 6
ThirdJohn Carew1240 pts.
GrossNiall Bryan673
CSS Frid. 67 (37 pts) Sund. 64 (40pts)44 played
Twos Competition (10) Seamus Carew

18 Hole Weekend Competition 11/12th August


FirstFintan Connolly1645 pts.
SecondTom Bryan2341 pts.
GrossRobbie Reilly72
35 playedCSS Fri. 64, Sat. 66
2's competion (12)Robbie Reilly

Autumn Medal   5/6 August

18 Hole Strokes


WinnerJames Coonan664last 9
SecondJim Craughwell1964
GrossJames Coonan670last 9
41 playedCSS Sat.65 Sund.68
Two's Competition (10)Robbie Reilly
For H/C changessee August News

Captain’s (Mr. John McAndrew) Competition played on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th July

Congratulationsto all Participantsbut especially
to our CaptainMr. John McAndrew
WinnerPat McDonnell13128
2ndFintan Connolly17129
3rdRobbie Reilly6130last 18
GrossNiall Bryan6143
Past Captain'sDiarmuid F.Coonan (Pres.)15131
Class 1
FirstTommy Carew10132
SecondPaul Connolly9134last 18
ThirdSean Brilly14134
Class 2
FirstDaniel Reilly19128
SecondSean Byrne15130last 18
ThirdPa Connolly17130
Class 3
FirstRay Conlon22135
SecondJames Brady28138last 18
ThirdMartin Meaney20138
Best 18Niall Collins961
Longest Drive (8th)Paul Connolly9
Nearest-the-Pin (7th)Joe Maher17
61 played first dayCSS 6551 played 2nd DayCSS 65
Two's competitionName
1Christopher Brogan
2Dermot Maguire
3Eamonn Howlin
4Ger Nevin
5James Coonan
6John McAndrew
7Joe Maher
8Maurice Byrne
9Niall Bryan
10Seamus Carew
11Stephen Collins

18 HoleV Par  22/23 July

WinnerBrian Conlon106 up
SecondJames Coonan65 up
GrossJames Coonan69
36 playedCSS Sat 4 up (64) & Sun 65 (3 up)
2's Competition (12 played) D.F.Coonan/ Seamus Carew / Stephen Collins
Brian Conlon / Ted Brennan

18 Hole Stableford  15/16th July

Tony Carew Memorial Shield

NameH/CScoreCommentNew H/C
WinnerGer Nevin1144 pts9.9
SecondSean Brilly1442 pts13.5
ThirdEamonn Howlin1441 ptslast 913.8
FourthChris Brogan2141 pts20
GrossGer Nevin1171
53 PlayedCSS 64 (40 pts)Sat.65 (39 pts) Sund.
For otherhandicap changes, see Breaking News
Twos Competition winners (13 played)Maurice Byrne/Diarmuid Coonan/ Fintan Connolly
For 9 hole Midweek Competition Results see July News

President’s (Diarmuid F.Coonan) Competition

to all
but especiallyto our PresidentDiarmuid F.Coonan
Roll onCaptain's Competitionin a few weeks!
WinnerBrian Conlon10132
2ndMichael Connolly17133
3rdPa Connolly17133Last 18
GrossRobbie Reilly5152
Past Presidents'Chris Brogan21135
Class 1 (-14)
1stDermot Maguire14134
2ndMichael Cuddihy10136Last 18
Class 2 (15-19)
1stFintan Connolly17135
2ndSean Byrne15136Last 18
Class 3 (20+)
1stTed Murray21137
2ndNoel Cruise20139
Best 18
James Coonan862
58 played 1st dayCSS 6548 played 2nd DayCSS 66
Two's competitionNameHole
Chris Brogan16
Tony O'Grady16
Pa Connolly5
Diarmuid Coonan7
Tommy Carew5
Padraic Rooney14
Michael Gately16

18 Hole  Vice Captain’s (William Lacey)  11 June

WinnerLloyd Bracken1941 ptsLast 9
SecondLar Blanchfield1741 ptsLast 9
ThirdPaul Morrissey1841 pts
GrossTommy Carew977
Class 1
FirstDiarmuid Coonan1540 pts
SecondNiall Collins839 ptsLast 9
Class 2
FirstSam Reilly1740 pts
SecondNoel Cruise2038 pts
Class 3
FirstDaire O'Broin2140 pts
SecondJim Craughwell2137 pts
53 played CSS 65 (39 Pts)
Top tenNew H/C
1Lloyd Bracken41 pts18.4-0.6
2Lar Blanchfield41 pts16.5-0.6
3Paul Morrissey41 pts17.3-0.6
4Diarmuid F.Coonan40 pts14.9-0.3
5Sam Reilly40 pts16.8-0.3
6Daire O'Broin40 pts20.2-0.4
7Niall Collins39 pts8.10
8Michael Gately39 pts13.10
9Noel Cruise38 pts20.10
10Pat McDonnell38 pts12.20
Handicap changes +Old H/CNew H/C
Ted Murray2021
Con Blake2627
Tommy Carew910
Two's Competition:
Niall Bryan
Pat McDonnell

18 Hole weekend Stableford Competition 6/7th October



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9 Hole Turkey Competition- week 1 (6-8th October)


NameH/CScoreLabel 5
Class 11st Pat McDonnell1323 pts
H/C 17 & under2nd Michael Kelleher1721 ptsLast 6
Class 2
H/C 18 +1st Tony O'Grady1921 ptsLast 6
2nd Joe Higgins2219 ptsLast 6
46 played with 26 re-entries
Top tenPoints
1stPat McDonnell1323 pts10
2ndTony O'Grady1921 pts9
3rdMichael Kelleher1721 pts8
4thJohn Carew1221 pts7
5thLar Blanchfield1720 pts6
6thJohn McAndrew1320 pts5
7thFintan Connolly1320 pts4
8thTommy Carew1020 pts3
9thBrian Conlon919 pts2
10thSeamus Carew719 pts1
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