2018 – 9 Hole Spring League Individual Results

    Week 1

    FirstAnthony Dunne1823 pts
    SecondTed Murray2121 pts
    ThirdJohn McAndrew1321 pts
    34 played14 Re-entries
    Top ten
    1Anthony Dunne1823 pts10 pts
    2Ted Murray2121 pts9 pts
    3John McAndrew1321 pts8 pts
    4Eamonn Howlin1520 pts7 pts
    5Sean Lavin2720 pts6 pts
    6Michael Kelleher1620 pts5 pts
    7Noel Cruise2019 pts4 pts
    8Padraig Rooney1319 pts3 pts
    9Jim Craughwell1919 pts2 pts
    10Seamus Carew719 pts1 pt

    Week 2

    FirstSeamus Carew819 ptslast 3
    SecondSean Lavin2819 ptslast 5
    No team competition this week due to bad weather
    18 playedNo Re-entries
    Top tenH/CScore
    1Seamus Carew819 pts10 pts
    2Sean Lavin2819 pts9 pts
    3Tommy Carew1119 pts8 pts
    4Paddy Murray2718 pts7 pts
    5Jim Craughwell2018 pts6 pts
    6Maurice Byrne1718 pts5 pts
    7Sean McCann2117 pts4 pts
    8James Malone2116 pts3 pts
    9Chris Brogan2216 pts2 pts
    10Lar Blanchfield1816 pts1 pt.

    Week 3

    FirstChris Brogan2323 ptslast 6
    SecondLar Blanchfield1923 ptslast 3
    ThirdBernard Campbell1923 pts
    25 played with 20 re-entries
    18 played
    Top ten
    1Chris Brogan2323 pts10 pts
    2Lar Blanchfield1923 pts9 pts
    3Bernard Campbell1923 pts8 pts
    4Eamonn Howlin1722 pts7 pts
    5Noel Cruise2220 pts6 pts
    6Tommy Carew1220 pts5 pts
    7John McAndrew1120 pts4 pts
    8Sean Byrne1619 pts3 pts
    9Jim Craughwell2119 pts2 pts
    10Paddy Murray2819 pts1 pt.

    Week 4

    FirstSean McCann2323 pts
    SecondSean Lavin2621 ptslast 6
    ThirdMichael Connolly1821 pts
    28 played21 re-entries
    Top ten
    FirstSean McCann2323 pts10 pts
    SecondSean Lavin2621 pts9 pts
    ThirdMichael Connolly1821 pts8 pts
    FourthBrendan Bean2320 pts7 pts
    FifthFintan Connolly1520 pts6 pts
    SixthSean Byrne1720 pts5 pts
    SeventhEamonn Howlin1820 pts4 pts
    EigthJohn McAndrew1220 pts3 pts
    NinthTed Murray2920 pts2 pts
    TenthPaddy Murray2920 pts1 pt

    Week 6



    FirstDiarmuid Coonan1723 pts
    SecondEamonn Howlin1922 ptslast 6
    ThirdMaurice Byrne1922 ptslast 6
    35 played + 32 re-entries
    Top ten
    FirstDiarmuid Coonan1723 pts10 pts
    SecondEamonn Howlin1922 pts9 pts
    ThirdMaurice Byrne1922 pts8 pts
    FourthLar Blanchfield1722 pts7 pts
    FifthPa Connolly1921 pts6 pts
    SixthJohn McAndrew1321 pts5 pts
    SeventhTommy Carew1421 pts4 pts
    EigthAidan Donovan921 pts3 pts
    NinthPaddy O'Grady2721 pts2 pts
    TenthBernard Campbell1720 pts1 pt

    Week 7


    FirstPaddy Murray3122 pts
    SecondJohn McAndrew1421 pts
    No teams this week
    23 played + 9 re-entries
    Top ten
    FirstPaddy Murray3122 pts10 pts
    SecondJohn McAndrew1421 pts9 pts
    ThirdLar Blanchfield1821 pts8 pts
    FourthTommy Carew1520 pts7 pts
    FifthSean Lavin2420 pts6 pts
    SixthDaire O'Broin2319 pts5 pts
    SeventhTed Murray2119 pts4 pts
    EigthPadraic Rooney1618 pts3 pts
    NinthEamonn Howlin1618 pts2 pts
    TenthMaurice Byrne1618 pts.1 pt



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    Week 8


    No Competition
    due to snow.


    • Week 8 w/e 16th March



    FirstAidan Donovan1219 pts
    14 played & 6 re-entries
    Aidan Donovan1219 pts10 pts
    Lar Blanchfield1918 pts9 pts
    James Malone2618 pts8 pts
    Tommy Carew1616 pts7 pts
    Ted Murray2215 pts6 pts
    Tony O'Grady2115 pts5 pts
    John McAndrew1114 pts4 pts
    Sean Lavin2514 pts3 pts
    Eamonn Howlin1713 pts2 pts
    Pa Connolly2112 pts1 pt



    Spring League Teams & Individual Rules 2018

    On the Weekly Competition:

    • Winners will be cut 6 shots
    • Runner-up 3 shots & Non prize winners will get 1 shot back.
    • Singles’ competition – Points from 10 to 1.
    • All Stableford 9-hole competitions.
    • Entry 1Full Card – Re-entry  ½ Card.

    For the Team: The two best scores to count.

    • If there is no golf on either Saturday or Sunday due to weather, there will be no team competition but the singles will carry on for that week.
    • If there is no golf on both Saturday & Sunday Friday’s will carry to the next week.
    • At the end of the season there will be Two team prizes and Two individual prizes
    • A player may receive two prizes–team & singles. Non Prize winner Class will include Team & Single winners
    • Each team will have a “Mulligan Week” which means that their worst week will be excluded.
    • If a player in a team participates in less than 50% of the competitions he will not receive a team prize if applicable.
    • N.B. If we have less than 5 Team qualifying competitions out of the 10 there will be no Team prizes.
    • N.B. If we have less than 5 Single qualifying competitions out of the 11 there will be no Single Golfer of the Season

    The team may play for one 9-hole at any week of their choosing. The team must play together for that 9.
    It will not count in the Singles competition unless they also put their names down for the Singles. All 3 cards must be submitted.
    Before playing must indicate on the competition sheet that their playing only for the team.
    Official handicap for that competition – Stableford. All three cards count.


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