2018 Away Outing Newbridge G.C. 27th May 2018






Date: 24/03/2018Label 5
Competition format:Stableford
WinnerNiall Bryan638 pts
SecondMichael Cuddihy1137 pts
GrossSeamus Carew781
Class 1
FirstPat McDonnell1134 pts
SecondFintan Connolly1431 ptslast 9
Class 2
FirstPaddy Murray2735 pts
SecondSean Connolly1632 pts
CSS 73 (35pts)
Top tenH/C
1Niall Bryan638 pts10 pts
2Michael Cuddihy1137 pts9 pts
3Paddy Murray2735 pts8 pts
4Pat McDonnell1134 pts7 pts
5Seamus Carew734 pts6 pts
6Sean Connolly1632 pts5 pts
7Fintan Connolly1431 pts4 pts
8William Lacey (Capt)1831 pts3 pts
9Michael O'Toole1331 pts2 pts
10Samuel Reilly1331 pts1 pt
No 2's winner
Handicaps on the move
Christy Brogan21 to 22
Eamonn Howlin14 to 15
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