2018 Away Outing to Naas 24th March 2018




Date: 24/03/2018Label 5
Competition format:Stableford
WinnerJames Coonan640 pts
SecondFintan Connolly38 pts
GrossNiall Bryan682
Class 1Michael Cuddihy1132 pts
FirstBrian Conlon730 pts
Class 2
FirstDiarmuid Coonan1436 pts
SecondEamonn1534 pts
Class 3
FirstDaire O'Broinn2035 pts
SecondNoel Cruise1933 pts
Date 24/03/18
Competition format:Stableford
Two's ClubHole
Brian Conlon3
Michael Cuddihy8
Paul Connolly14
Matt Costello3
Fintan Connolly8
Eddie Shanley3
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